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org::parosproxy::paros::extension::scanner::ExtensionScanner Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::parosproxy::paros::extension::scanner::ExtensionScanner:

org::parosproxy::paros::extension::ExtensionAdaptor org::parosproxy::paros::core::scanner::ScannerListener org::parosproxy::paros::extension::SessionChangedListener org::parosproxy::paros::extension::CommandLineListener org::parosproxy::paros::extension::Extension

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Detailed Description

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Definition at line 61 of file ExtensionScanner.java.

Public Member Functions

void alertFound (Alert alert)
void destroy ()
void execute (CommandLineArgument args[])
void execute (CommandLineArgument[] args)
 ExtensionScanner (String name)
ExtensionHookMenu getExtensionMenu ()
ExtensionHookView getExtensionView ()
Model getModel ()
String getName ()
Scanner getScanner ()
SiteNode getStartNode ()
ViewDelegate getView ()
void hook (ExtensionHook extensionHook)
void hostComplete (String hostAndPort)
void hostNewScan (String hostAndPort, HostProcess hostThread)
void hostProgress (String hostAndPort, String msg, int percentage)
void init ()
void initModel (Model model)
void initView (ViewDelegate view)
void initXML (Session session, OptionsParam options)
void scannerComplete ()
void sessionChanged (Session session)
void setName (String name)
void start ()
void stop ()

Package Functions

AlertPanel getAlertPanel ()
ManualRequestEditorDialog getManualRequestEditorDialog ()
void startScan (SiteNode startNode)
void startScan ()

Private Member Functions

void addAlertToDisplay (Alert alert)
CommandLineArgument[] getCommandLineArguments ()
JMenuItem getMenuItemPolicy ()
JMenuItem getMenuItemScan ()
JMenuItem getMenuItemScanAll ()
OptionsScannerPanel getOptionsScannerPanel ()
PopupMenuResend getPopupMenuResend ()
PopupMenuScanHistory getPopupMenuScanHistory ()
ProgressDialog getProgressDialog ()
ScannerParam getScannerParam ()
DefaultTreeModel getTreeModel ()
void initialize ()
void refreshAlert (Session session) throws SQLException
void writeAlertToDB (Alert alert) throws HttpMalformedHeaderException, SQLException

Private Attributes

AlertPanel alertPanel = null
CommandLineArgument[] arguments = new CommandLineArgument[1]
ManualRequestEditorDialog manualRequestEditorDialog = null
JMenuItem menuItemPolicy = null
JMenuItem menuItemScan = null
JMenuItem menuItemScanAll = null
JMenu menuScanner = null
OptionsScannerPanel optionsScannerPanel = null
ExtensionHookMenu pluginMenu = null
PopupMenuResend popupMenuResend = null
PopupMenuScanHistory popupMenuScanHistory = null
ProgressDialog progressDialog = null
RecordScan recordScan = null
Scanner scanner = null
ScannerParam scannerParam = null
SiteMap siteTree = null
SiteNode startNode = null
long startTime = 0
AlertTreeModel treeAlert = null

Static Private Attributes

static final int ARG_SCAN_IDX = 0

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