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org::parosproxy::paros::extension::history::ExtensionHistory Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::parosproxy::paros::extension::history::ExtensionHistory:

org::parosproxy::paros::extension::ExtensionAdaptor org::parosproxy::paros::extension::SessionChangedListener org::parosproxy::paros::extension::Extension

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Detailed Description

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Definition at line 51 of file ExtensionHistory.java.

Public Member Functions

void destroy ()
 ExtensionHistory (String name)
ExtensionHookMenu getExtensionMenu ()
ExtensionHookView getExtensionView ()
HistoryList getHistoryList ()
Model getModel ()
String getName ()
ViewDelegate getView ()
void hook (ExtensionHook extensionHook)
void init ()
void initModel (Model model)
void initView (ViewDelegate view)
void initXML (Session session, OptionsParam options)
void sessionChanged (Session session)
void sessionChanged (final Session session)
void setName (String name)
void start ()
void stop ()

Package Functions

boolean browserDisplay (HistoryReference ref, HttpMessage msg)
BrowserDialog getBrowserDialog ()
LogPanel getLogPanel ()
ManualRequestEditorDialog getResendDialog ()

Static Package Functions

static boolean isEnableForNativePlatform ()

Private Member Functions

void buildHistory (HistoryList historyList, List dbList)
HistoryFilterDialog getFilterDialog ()
JCheckBoxMenuItem getMenuFilterHistoryByRequest ()
JCheckBoxMenuItem getMenuFilterHistoryByResponse ()
PopupMenuDeleteHistory getPopupMenuDeleteHistory ()
PopupMenuEmbeddedBrowser getPopupMenuEmbeddedBrowser ()
PopupMenuEmbeddedBrowser getPopupMenuEmbeddedBrowser2 ()
PopupMenuExportMessage getPopupMenuExportMessage ()
PopupMenuExportMessage getPopupMenuExportMessage2 ()
PopupMenuExportResponse getPopupMenuExportResponse ()
PopupMenuExportResponse getPopupMenuExportResponse2 ()
PopupMenuPurgeHistory getPopupMenuPurgeHistory ()
PopupMenuResend getPopupMenuResend ()
PopupMenuTag getPopupMenuTag ()
ProxyListenerLog getProxyListenerLog ()
void initialize ()
void searchHistory (String filter, boolean isRequest)
void sessionChangedEventHandler (Session session)
int showFilterDialog (boolean isRequest)

Private Attributes

EmbeddedBrowser browser = null
String filter = ""
HistoryFilterDialog filterDialog = null
HistoryList historyList = null
LogPanel logPanel = null
JCheckBoxMenuItem menuFilterHistoryByRequest = null
JCheckBoxMenuItem menuFilterHistoryByResponse = null
PopupMenuDeleteHistory popupMenuDeleteHistory = null
PopupMenuEmbeddedBrowser popupMenuEmbeddedBrowser = null
PopupMenuEmbeddedBrowser popupMenuEmbeddedBrowser2 = null
PopupMenuExportMessage popupMenuExportMessage = null
PopupMenuExportMessage popupMenuExportMessage2 = null
PopupMenuExportResponse popupMenuExportResponse = null
PopupMenuExportResponse popupMenuExportResponse2 = null
PopupMenuPurgeHistory popupMenuPurgeHistory = null
PopupMenuResend popupMenuResend = null
PopupMenuTag popupMenuTag = null
ProxyListenerLog proxyListener = null
ManualRequestEditorDialog resendDialog = null
int stateFilter = FILTER_NONE

Static Private Attributes

static BrowserDialog browserDialog = null
static final int FILTER_NONE = 0
static final int FILTER_REQUEST = 1
static final int FILTER_RESPONSE = 2
static Pattern patternWindows = Pattern.compile("window", Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE)

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